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Top 10 Free Attractions in Las Vegas

2021/08/07   维加斯新闻报

    Expensive casinos and greedy hotels are not the only things that litter the streets of Las Vegas, they are also many things to enjoy. There are plenty of other things to do in Las Vegas, some of which you do not even need a penny to see. Here is a list of 10 free attractions in Las Vegas.

     Near Boulevard there is a fascinating art installation consisting of several colorful towers of rock. Created by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, these rocks can be seen from 2000 feet away. These towers would look like natural formations, if not for the striking colors that decorated each rock. If you intend to see these towers for yourself, be quick because they will only be on display for the remainder of 2021.

     Flamingos, Swans and many other birds decorate The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. A hidden oasis in a sea of lights, the habitat boasts of lush greenery, diverse wildlife and rushing waterfalls. Cranes, ducks, and koi live in the waters of this oasis. The habitat is tended by experts who adjust the habitat year round to suit seasonal animals. Enjoy this hidden paradise located in the Flamingo hotel.

     Ride a gondola in the middle of a desert in The Grand Canal Shoppes, Las Vegas miniature Venice. Watch Streetmosphere, performers fascading as statues, singing, dancing, and much more. The Streetmosphere performers present an opera you can watch in the streets. Expect to be taken unaware by a living statue, or shocked by a performer wandering the streets.

     Every evening the volcano next to Mirage spews out fire bright enough to be seen from a distance. This eruption is something viewers can expect to be seen in a high budget action film, the heat itself is enough to send many away. If you are watching, there is no need to be concerned, the volcano does not actually hurt you despite how it seems. The Mirage volcano is one of the coolest attractions you can view in Vegas.

     The Lake of Dreams is one of the strangest yet impressive things to view in Vegas. The lake boasts of over 5,000 led lights, turning the lake into something you can expect to see in a Disney Movie. A combination of lighting, sound, film, and robotic puppetry brings the experience to life. Enjoy the Wynn exclusive film where you are the main character.

     Enjoy one of the best circuses in the world at Las Vegas. This Carnival stage brings the show to a whole new level, with the best circus performers that can shock and charm any guest that walks inside. Enjoy death defying stunts done from 90 in the air. You can watch the Carnival Midway Stage in Circus Circus.

     Spanning almost 14,000 square feet this garden in Bellagio boasts a beautiful display consisting of plants and puppets that turn the area into a place of fantasy. The garden cycles through 5 themes each year, consisting of Holiday, Chinese New Year, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each and every theme can be a lifetime experience.

     The symbol of Las Vegas, the 25 foot Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign has come to become the symbol of the city itself. The 50 year old sign marks the beginning of a journey. The sign has become so popular that a parking lot has been created for it, a parking lot that is often packed to the brim with visitors. Make sure to take plenty of photos if you get the chance.

     Every part of Fremont Street is an art piece on its own, even the ceiling.  Enjoy the Viva Vision, an overwhelming display of technology and know-how that acts as the canopy to the area. Watch the performers, or buskers, who turn the entire street into an adult carnival. Ride on SlotZilla, a zip line that throws riders over the heads of the pedestrians below. If you are looking for souvenirs, the street is full of many casinos and shops that can provide you with everything you need.


     A must-have when it comes to Vegas, the fountains of Bellagio boast some of the biggest fountains in the world, spouting a choreographed dance to songs. Watch 1,200 spouts blast water 460 feet in the air, often splashing a light mist on those who are watching. The music and the atmosphere can bewitch viewers, sweeping you off your feet and into the groove of the music.

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