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"Cloud Dialogue" Between Yunnan and Sacramento Introduces the Investment Environment of the Two Places

2021/08/30   维加斯新闻报

    Due to the pandemic, the 2021 South & Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair was held online. The Yunnan Provincial Business Representative Office in the United States (New York) invited Antonio Yung, the chief representative of the Representative Office in China of Sacramento, the capital of California, USA, and Wu Qian, the general manager of the AmCham Southwest China, walked into the live broadcast room of the fair and introduced the investment environment and projects between Sacramento and Yunnan.
     According to Antonio Yung, Sacramento was about a 90-minute drive from San Francisco and within a 2-hour drive from Silicon Valley. The establishment of the representative office aimed to promote bilateral cooperation, focusing on areas such as investment, trade and education. The advantages of Sacramento were usually concentrated in policy-oriented industries, which included clean energy, biomedicine, and emerging zero-carbon related industries, and there were world-renowned agricultural and biomedical industries, so there was huge room for cooperation between the two parties.
    Antonio Yung believed that whether it was due to the geopolitical environment or international competition in the future, the disadvantages of Chinese companies investing in the United States had not changed. In the past two decades, one of the biggest challenges faced by Chinese companies investing in the United States was the lack of an experienced, cross-cultural, and cross-border efficient management team. Although these companies did business in the United States, the essence of the core management was still in a Chinese way. Therefore, Chinese companies need people who could understand the differences between the two countries, communicate effectively with both sides, and even conduct strategic training at home and make key operational decisions.
    In terms of advantages, Antonio Yung said that in the past few years, many of these Chinese companies that had gone to the United States had achieved automation, with on-site experience, operating machinery and automation equipment, which was enough to maximize efficiency. These fields could bring many development opportunities to Chinese companies. Chinese companies could introduce professional technology, and if most of the materials manufactured in the United States came from China, there would be great advantages for Chinese companies in the future.
    During the live broadcast, Wu Qian, the general manager of the AmCham Southwest China, introduced the basic situation and investment environment of Yunnan to companies and investors in North America. According to Wu Qian, Yunnan Province was referred to as "Dian" for short, and was known as the "Kingdom of Animals", "Kingdom of Plants", "Kingdom of Non-Ferrous Metal", and "World Garden". It covered an area of 394,000 square kilometers with a total population of 47.2 million, and a total length of the border line of 4,060 kilometers. Bordering on Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, it had 25 ethnic minorities and was the most diverse province in China.
    Wu Qian said that in 2020, Yunnan Province has issued the Decision on Accelerating the Construction of a Modern Industrial System, focusing on building five trillion-level pillar industries: advanced manufacturing, tourism and culture, modern agriculture with plateau characteristics, modern logistics and health services, and building eight hundred-billion-level industries, namely, green energy, digital economy, biomedicine, new materials, environmental protection, financial services, real estate and tobacco, and it has issued corresponding preferential policies on attracting investment and policies on industry supporting. Superior advantages in resources, location and industry  have also attracted top American enterprises to invest in Yunnan. The sound investment environment, abundant natural resources and unique industrial layout have made economic development of Yunnan by leaps and bounds. North American enterprises interested in investing in Yunnan were welcome to strengthen cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win results.


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